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    Clever design! Put the folding chair in your pocket and easily bear 200 kg

    A folding chair can sometimes bring us great convenience. You don’t have to stand tired and your legs are soft, and you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes and pants dirty.Those who bought or stood by the ticket have a deep experience. They have been standing for more than a dozen or twenty hours by car, and most people can’t afford it. It is also a happy thing to have a small folding chair with you and find an empty place to sit and take a nap.Going out for self-driving camping, outdoor fishing, walking in the park, hiking, etc., there is always a time to sit down, especially for camping and fishing, and it is very inconvenient to bring a general chair, not to mention the place, but also easy forget.The outdoor brand has designed an ultra-light and portable mini folding chair based on durability and practicality! You can put it directly in your pocket and take it with you when you go out. You won't feel cumbersome. You can sit wherever you want.

    Outdoor folding fishing chair

    Outdoor folding fishing chair that can be taken away when rolled up Sit on the ground, sit on the fishing box, stand, sit on the Maza, tired of the fish after fishing, all insist on perseverance. I want a real seat, but the comfortable seat is quite inconvenient to carry. And now with this convenient folding fishing chair dream come true. What is the biggest use of the folding fishing chair? It's convenient. Once folded, it can be carried on the back when rolled up, and it can be carried conveniently even without driving. It is different from Maza, and its shape is more similar to a chair, composed of steps and metal. Unique fabric design, increase the weighing degree, perfect to achieve the situation of sitting for a long time without leaking empty butt. At the same time, it also has the basic functions of fishing, such as sun umbrella stand, battery stand and so on.

    Autumn fishing wants a good catch

    The temperature has dropped a lot recently, and it is finally possible to go fishing. Although it is still very hot at noon, this does not stop my uneasy feeling. I look forward to this time for a long time. The summer is too hot. Fishing and regular air force, and simply sealing rods wait for autumn to arrive. Autumn is the most suitable season for fishing. The temperature is suitable, the fish has a strong activity, the appetite and appetite are large, and the natural fish mouth is not bad. As long as you grasp the correct method, the autumn fishing catch will not be bad. An experience taught by an old fisherman, it is important to choose good weather, time period, fishing position and bait for autumn fishing. As long as these 4 points are in place, the catch will not be bad!

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